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Sermon titles for the woman at the well

John Jesus left Judea and started back to Galilee. Oh, Samaria! That was the strange place, the half-breed place, the place you are not supposed to visit if you are well brought up! All of us had some section of town when we were growing up that we were not supposed to visit. Two thousand years ago, that place was Samaria!

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Wounds and Wells; A Sermon on The Samaritan Woman

John Jesus left Judea and started back to Galilee. Oh, Samaria! That was the strange place, the half-breed place, the place you are not supposed to visit if you are well brought up!

All of us had some section of town when we were growing up that we were not supposed to visit. Two thousand years ago, that place was Samaria!

But you know what? Jesus went through it! Jesus goes through the places that we think are off-limits. It was about noon. Jesus was tired. Can you imagine Jesus being tired? If he's the Son of God, what's he doing being tired? Jesus is both. Jesus is human and Jesus is God. This means that, no matter, what we ever feel in life, Jesus has felt it before us. Jesus knows us. When we are flat-out, dead tired, Jesus has been tired, too.

Are you tired of your journey? Are you tired of all the work you've had to do? Well, Jesus can relate. Jesus is tired, too. Yes, we were all taught not to talk to strangers. And we were probably taught, implicitly, that there were some people we were just not supposed to associate with. Two thousand years ago, Jews were not supposed to speak with Samaritans. And they were certainly not supposed to eat with them, or drink with them, or especially drink after them!

That would be more than just not right. It would be unclean; it would be disgusting. For the proper Jewish man, to drink with a Samaritan would be like one of us drinking from the bottle as a wino on the street in a bad section of town. Today, Americans are not supposed to speak with Koreans.

North Americans are not talking with Africans. Northern Ireland is not supposed to speak with Southern Ireland. North Atlanta is not supposed to speak with South Atlanta. Buckhead is not supposed to speak to Sandy Springs. Public schools are not supposed to speak with private schools. Democrats are not supposed to speak with Republicans. Well, that's not the way that Jesus considered it. Men were not even supposed to mingle with women in that culture.

I don't mean co-mingle. I mean that men and women did not share the common exchanges of daily commerce and need. But Jesus broke those rules. Jesus respected women. Jesus respected women so much that he was able to share his ordinary need with a woman; he shared his thirst.

Where do you get that living water? What is this living water? Isn't all water living? No, it's not all living. All of us have seen the opposite at some time or another.

The opposite of living water is dead water. Some water is absolutely dead. Some water is dead, and yet folks continue to drink it. Do you know what dead water is? Dead water is the same old television show every night. Dead water is the same old argument you get into every day. Dead water is that little habit you persist in nourishing, that habit which is small in itself, but which will kill you one day.

Dead water is what may have nourished somebody long ago, but it sure does not give you joy and vigor today. Dead water is that water you give for yourself which still leaves you crying out for more. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life. The Samaritan woman wants this water now!

She knows exactly what Jesus means! Sir, give me this water! What you have said is true! The woman has no husband! She has used up husbands the way each of us uses up unsatisfactory water. We keep trying all these ways to cure our souls. We try this self-help book. We try that therapist. We try this drug. We try that drink. We try this husband. We try that wife. But, ultimately, we have no husband. Jesus knows that we have no husband.

Jesus knows that our searching has been fruitless. Our well is dry. Yes, Jesus knows. Jesus knows. Prophets know. Prophets know, but they love people anyway. It does not matter where your ancestors worshipped. Their arguments do not need to be your arguments.

They were concerned with matters that are no longer a part of our lives. True worship has to do with spirit and with truth.

If you want to worship God, you must be willing to enter the realm of the Spirit. The Spirit uses history, but the Spirit is not bound to history. If you want to worship God, you must be willing to enter the realm of the Truth. Truth uses history, too, but Truth is not bound to history. Truth is willing to acknowledge that everyone gets thirsty. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, or anything in between, or something else entirely, everyone gets thirsty. That is the truth.

Are you willing to worship God with the truth of who you are? If you can worship God in truth, you are in the Spirit. I am that Spirit. I am that Truth, that way, that life. Jesus is speaking to you, right now, if you have ears to hear, right now, here in church, in this place, in this time, at this well.

Jesus is at the local watering hole, if you have ears to hear spirit and truth. Jesus is at the local coffee shop. Jesus is at your favorite restaurant. Wherever you hear spirit and truth, you are hearing Jesus. They were astonished that he was speaking with a woman, but no one said, "What do you want?

“The Purpose-Driven Wife” (and other sermon titles)

There is a story told of a little boy who was put to bed, only to ask for a drink of water. And again. Many parents know this well from when their children are small.

By Dr. Philip W. McLarty The story of the woman at the well is familiar to most churchgoers.

John ESV. The Spirit In You. Illustrations on John Blessed Broken Given. God's Grace.

Sermon: True Worship - John 4

Some of the stories will be very familiar and others will probably be new to you. These ancient encounters are valuable for what they reveal about Jesus and what they teach us about the common problems of life. Although years have passed since Jesus walked on the earth, his words remain incredibly relevant. Times change but the human heart remains the same. We have the same hopes and fears and dreams and doubts. And we struggle with the same problems: uncontrolled anger, foolish choices, misplaced priorities, hypocrisy, guilt, indifference, frivolous curiosity, misguided ambition, limited faith, convenient excuses, nagging doubt, compulsive busyness, broken dreams, and personal failure. Sometimes I hear people talk about making the Bible relevant. What an odd notion that is. All you have to do is make the Bible clear. Tell it like it is and it will be so relevant that we may not want to hear it.

The Woman at the Well : Christ Speaks to the Problem of a Guilty Past

Jump to navigation. Welcome : Welcome to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are weary and need rest, welcome. If you are sad and need comfort, welcome.

In all my years of ministry, I have never preached on never had the courage to preach on? Not everyone likes or uses sermon titles.

John ESV. The Spirit In You. Illustrations on John Blessed Broken Given.

Christian Reformed Church

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Sermons That Work

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Aug 6, - The Scripture Reading: John The Sermon Title: THE WOMAN, THE WELL, THE WATER. The Hymn of Response: Psalter Hymnal “I.

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Ей в голову пришла и другая мысль - известно ли Хейлу, что Танкадо уже нет в живых. Сьюзан стала быстро закрывать файлы электронной почты Хейла, уничтожая следы своего посещения. Хейл ничего не должен заподозрить -. Ключ к Цифровой крепости, внезапно осенило ее, прячется где-то в глубинах этого компьютера.

Согласился подежурить в этот уик-энд. Глаза Стратмора сузились.

Для этого нужен был политический иммунитет - или, как в случае Стратмора, политическая индифферентность. Сьюзан поднялась на верхнюю ступеньку лестницы.

Она не успела постучать, как заверещал электронный дверной замок. Дверь открылась, и коммандер помахал ей рукой.

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Казалось, что с той минуты, когда рано утром ему позвонил Стратмор, прошла целая вечность. Сдвинув в сторону пустые пивные бутылки, Беккер устало опустил голову на руки. Мне нужно передохнуть хотя бы несколько минут, - подумал.

В нескольких милях от этого места человек в очках в железной оправе сидел на заднем сиденье фиата, мчавшегося по проселочной дороге.

В процессе форматирования стирается память машины - информация, программное обеспечение, вирусы, одним словом - все, и в большинстве случаев переформатирование означает потерю тысяч файлов, многих лет труда. Но ТРАНСТЕКСТ не был обычным компьютером - его можно было отформатировать практически без потерь. Машины параллельной обработки сконструированы для того, чтобы думать, а не запоминать.

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