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I need someone with a pickup truck

Check with your local independent U-Haul dealer to find the correct hours of operation. U-Haul requires our customers to be 16 years of age to rent trailers and 18 years of age to rent trucks. Both require a valid driver's license. Rates vary based on equipment size, location and date. Traditionally, rates are lower Sunday through Thursday.

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General U-Haul Questions

Most people have had a time when they desperately needed help hauling something that could not be crammed into the back of a Prius. Most people also know an unfortunate person with a truck who got the call to help. However, thanks to Craigstruck , the awkward days of begging for said help are over.

Craigstruck connects people who need something hauled with people with a truck, instantly. Founder Mike Hanson was, and still is, that guy with a truck. I started advertising my services and excelled at simple pickups and deliveries.

Hanson worked hard to fit more into his niche, but it became increasingly clear that customer concerns revolved around a singular issue. The solution for Hanson was the implementation of mandatory background checks for all drivers who sign on with Craigstruck. His goal here was to provide customers peace of mind via ultimate driver transparency, and it was a success. But what would stop somebody from going directly to a moving company? The argument could be made that Craigstruck and moving services are basically the same.

Moving services tend to be booked weeks in advance, and getting a same-day appointment is all but impossible. Craigstruck, on the other hand, is an instant dispatch.

When a call is placed, a truck is sent out immediately. This comes in handy when buying large items on Craigslist or for bulk shopping at Costco. So the next time you need a truck at the drop of a hat, give Craigstruck a chance, and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

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Businesses That Can Be Done With Pickup Trucks

We help you with all types of labor gigs, help around the house, junk removal and various labor needs. All of your DIY home improvement projects can be a lot less daunting with an extra pair of hands and muscle? Loading that U-haul all by yourself?

Most people have had a time when they desperately needed help hauling something that could not be crammed into the back of a Prius. Most people also know an unfortunate person with a truck who got the call to help.

Get a free estimate in the app, set a pickup time and location, and find a pro - all in about a minute. The GoShare pros will load, secure, transport and unload your items. You just tell them where you want them to put it. Say good-bye to all day delivery windows or strict courier cut-offs.

Delivery Made Simple

We can pick up your purchase, load it onto our truck, and deliver it where it needs to go. From couches to tanning beds, exercise equipment like treadmills, commercial ranges, commercial refrigerators, display cases, and more — our trustworthy movers can lessen the stress you might have when purchasing large items and provide you with the peace of mind that your new item will arrive safely and in the same condition you purchased it. I purchased much of my furniture here, in Brentwood. I'm very glad he did. I was able to get everything delivered the very next day. The men who moved everything were courteous and professional I would highly recommend them!

11 Key Things to Know When Renting a Truck or Trailer from U-Haul

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. GoShare connects truck and van owners with businesses and people who need help moving, delivering or hauling on demand.

Get a free estimate in the app, set a pickup time and location, and find a pro - all in about a minute.

A rental truck is a big, expensive piece of equipment, which is why companies have certain requirements for people to use them. These are:. They must also have a valid driver's license.

Booking Movers Near Me, The Easy Way

Owning a pickup truck is a major step in starting a range of businesses. Not only can a truck carry the tools of your trade, the truck itself serves as your trade if you start a hauling or delivery business. Regulations vary among states and municipalities, so research the type of business license and insurance you'll need depending on what type of business you open, and ensure your driver's license is adequate for the job. Consider also the type of truck you have and its capabilities.

Click below to use our web app to get an estimate and book Fetchit. Great experience! It was fast, easy and I felt super safe. Customer support went above and beyond, plus driver was super nice. This app is just going to keep getting better.

What Do I Need to Rent a U-Haul

Our turnkey implementation gets you up and running with Bungii, fast, with no downtime or major modification to your existing systems. All your deliveries are managed from a simple, intuitive platform that features flexible pricing, seamless delivery scheduling and real-time tracking. As a Bungii partner, you get the benefit of our centralized customer care team, including dedicated account management and a unique resolution funnel for just your brand. We get it: transporting large items can be a pain. Our app puts a driver and a pickup truck at your fingertips to help you deliver what you want, where you want. Our drivers have all completed stringent vetting, training and on-boarding to make your experience as safe and seamless as possible.

GoShare connects truck and van owners with businesses and people who need help moving, delivering or hauling on demand. Our delivery professionals will  Rating: - ‎1, votes - ‎Free - ‎Android.

There are a million things in the world and just as many ways to pack them. New York Movers. Los Angeles Movers. Chicago Movers.

Craigstruck: Hire Trucks for Hauling, Pickups, and Deliveries

Preparing for a DIY move? For many, this means renting a trusted U-Haul moving truck. The go-to rental moving truck company offers plenty of trucks and services to meet your moving needs. Here are 11 things you should know first about renting a truck from U-Haul.

Dolly brings you moving and delivery help on your schedule, even same-day. Get help with furniture delivery, large item moving, labor needs, and more from our vetted, independent pickup truck owners. With over one million items moved, Dolly is one of the most trusted names in moving and delivery. You can use Dolly to find local moving and delivery help across the U.

Learn about using Dolly Delivery for your business.

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