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What do friends get each other for graduation

Schools are currently conducting graduations differently, from online ceremonies and drive-through diploma pickup to postponing commencement until it can be safely celebrated in person. Graduation is still a major milestone and many seniors are looking forward to that moment. Throw a virtual graduation party. Graduates have put in years of hard work and they deserve to be celebrated.

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Best Gifts for Graduates

It's that time of year, folks: college graduation season. That means lots of bittersweet tears, celebratory mimosas, and of course, gift-giving. It can be downright impossible to figure out a good graduation present for any person, but this year, you really want to nail the graduation gift to give your best friend. It can't be too expensive student loans are about to become a real-life nightmare , but it shouldn't be a total waste of the few dollars you have to your name, either, because come on, it's your bestie, and she deserves, well, the best.

Getting your best friend a gift on any occasion, let alone for college graduation, is an art, one that requires a bit more thought, effort, and yeah, a little bit of cash. Of course, the gift always depends entirely on the friend you're getting it for. Is your friend a travel junkie?

A soon-to-be big-shot Wall Street executive? On his or her way to the Peace Corps? All of this should factor into what you decide to get for them. You not only have to think about who they are as people, but what they're going to find useful in the next phase of their lives. Here are nine college graduation gifts to give to your bestie with a guarantee that they'll absolutely love it.

What better way to commemorate your time together than to compile your best friend's favorite Instagram photos into a bonafide photo album for him or her to take to her post-grad apartment?

After all, coffee table books are always a good idea, and this gift is the perfect combination of nostalgia and practicality. Bath caddies are a perfect gift for pretty much anyone, not just a college graduate — but since your friend is about to potentially have her own bathtub that isn't shared with at least half a dozen people for the first time, why not give them the accessories to enjoy it? You could consider adding bath salts or some lovely scented bubbles to the gift, as well — along with, perhaps, a link to a YouTube tutorial for how to actually clean a bathtub properly, because in post-grad life, you actually have to know how to do that stuff.

If your friend is a sensitive sleeper who's about to move into a shoebox apartment in Queens, then one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give them is a white noise machine, to block out all of those screaming trucks and wailing people that are about to try and ruin her sleep every night.

Now, your BFF can replace all that toxic noise with the soothing sounds of waves crashing or crickets chirping. This avocado keychain set is like the modern-day version of those broken-heart charm bracelets you used to rock with your bestie back in middle school — except these little guys are a bit more subtle, and they clip onto your car-key lanyard like it's no big deal.

I'm not going to lie, it took me way too long to realize the seed is in the shape of a heart, so now I'm officially obsessed with these. A set of succulents is perfect for your BFF's college graduation gift because there's literally no effort involved on their part. When it comes to taking care of a succulent, all you have to do is spritz your little babies with water once a week, and they're good to go.

Keeping a succulent alive will be the easiest challenge of your bestie's first year out of college, so why not gift them with an easy win, right off the bat? You could put in their initials, their graduation year, or even a special word or memory that will bring a smile to their face even 20 or 30 years from now. If you're going to be living across the country from one another after graduation, then this set of airline gift cards is literally the most thoughtful gift you could give to your best friend.

Personally, in my post-grad life, I now live 3, miles from my loved ones, and I regularly have to scour the internet for reasonable airline prices every time I want to go home. Given my experience, I can honestly say your friend will thank you again and again for a gift like this. This solar portable phone charger yes, it gets its energy from the sun, but you can also plug it in for a faster charge is not only innovative as hell, it's also the perfect gift for any friend moving to a big city after college, where it'll likely be obnoxiously difficult to find a place to charge up at a moment's notice.

If you live in Los Angeles, New York, or pretty much any other urban area in the world or any place where it's unlikely to find an open outlet at the closest Starbucks , then you feel me when I say a portable phone charger is a GD blessing to have on you at all times. An instant camera is the perfect graduation gift for your bestie, especially in this day and age, when we all spend way too much of our time staring at screens instead of one another.

Giving your friend a camera like this will encourage her to drop the phone, interact with the real world, and make some amazing memories along the way. By Caroline Burke. A Sound Machine. A Set Of Indestructible Succulents.

Their Favorite Book — Revamped. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

9 Graduation Gifts To Give Your Best Friend To Help Her Forget How Scary Post Grad Life Is

Your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend — whatever, homegirl is graduating and that's a really freaking huge deal. You know her rise to the top is going to be Billie Eilish-level epic, so skip the bouquet that will be dead by next week and splurge on a high-quality gift that lasts. Trendy bedding that will tie her whole room together, smudge-proof lipstick that'll look fly even after a full day of lectures — whatever you pick, go for something she'll actually use.

At my home, we love counting down the days until our next celebration! To help, I downloaded a clock application to our home computer screen.

Skip to main content Graduation Gifts for Best Friends. In Stock. The necklace is super dainty and cute - perfect for a graduation present. I had to take it out of the packaging though bc there is a grammatical error on the message. Add to cart.

37 of the best graduation gifts you can give to upcoming high school or college grads

Find another article View next article Share this article. While some parents splurge on a car or computer, many choose less elaborate, but still meaningful, gifts to commemorate the day. Jewelry often engraved with the date , books, cash or stock certificates, luggage, a camera , or graduation rings are all presents the graduate will appreciate in the years ahead. This is a common dilemma during graduation season. Explain the situation to relatives. Most will be understanding. Devise some kind of plan—perhaps draw names out of a hat.

Graduation Party and Gift Etiquette Plus Ideas

Celebrating academic success is a unique celebration on its own. Skip the classic money in an envelope and opt for something a bit more personal. A monogrammed leather smartphone wallet will go with her wherever life takes her next. A 2-in-1 pop-up lantern and Bluetooth speaker is a great college graduation gift for him and all of his post-graduate planned camping trips. At Gifts.

The best college graduation gifts solve problems for the new grad—and these gifts solve all sorts of problems, from how to prepare for work life to organizing that first apartment.

It's that time of year, folks: college graduation season. That means lots of bittersweet tears, celebratory mimosas, and of course, gift-giving. It can be downright impossible to figure out a good graduation present for any person, but this year, you really want to nail the graduation gift to give your best friend.

17 Best Friend Graduation Gifts For 2016

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Are you planning a graduation party? Both mark milestones on the timeline of life. The students, with the help of family, have dedicated four or more years of hard work to get to this day. The last term papers are turned in. The final exams are over.

10 Of The Greatest Best Friend Graduation Gifts For Your Bestie

Whether or not you and your bestie are graduating from high school or college, it's a big accomplishment. If the two of you are extremely close, you might want to get a graduation gift for your best friend , to let them know how much he or she has meant to you throughout the study sessions, points of insomnia, and memory-filled weekends. Graduation gifts don't need to be super pricey I mean, you are a graduate — you're pretty much guaranteed to be worrying about either paying off loans, or saving up for additional textbooks and tuition , but they should definitely reflect on your individual friendship. If you can find something cute that reminds you of an inside joke, or if you simply want to splurge on a nice weekend trip for the two of you to melt off the tension of exams, that's totally OK. But if you're completely clueless on what to gift the person who has helped you survive these last few educational years, here are a few ideas on things that your best friend is guaranteed to love. No matter what, they'll be sweet gestures that'll let them know that even if you're no longer at the same school from here on out, you hope that your friendship will thrive. Back in the day, BFF-themed jewelry was big, a little tacky, and probably plastic.

Graduation Etiquette — The Top Eleven Manners for Grads, Guests, & Families or a friend or family member who has received a graduation announcement or an invitation to the All the other countdowns I've anticipated with joy; this one I look at with an odd avoidance. And most people do send the graduate a gift.

One of the best ways to congratulate your friend or family member on their accomplishment is to give them a thoughtful, handcrafted present. We found high school graduation gifts that help students with the stresses of study groups and finals. We also have an array of personalized gift options , from beginner to expert craft levels. The following unique graduation gift ideas are sure to let the graduate know just how much you care.

Graduation Gifts for Best Friends

Best friend graduation gifts are sometimes difficult to think of. You want to find something not too cheesy, but something that will make your bestie remember you whenever they look at it. Here are 10 ideas for best friend graduation gifts!

27 Useful College Graduation Gifts They’ll Actually Be Excited About

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