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What a man should never do in a relationship

Listen, we get it — finding the perfect person can be really tough. For many people, you may have been single for months or even years before they walked into your life. Well… not quite. However, there are certain things that you should never, ever allow your partner to do. You need to make sure your guy knows that the following things are never, ever acceptable — no matter what. Here are 15 things a man in love would never do to his girlfriend.

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10 Hurtful Things a Man Should Never Do in a Relationship

No one's perfect, it's nothing to be ashamed of, we've all made mistakes in our relationships. But we can certainly learn from them and try to stop making them. These are some don'ts you should avoid if you want to keep the love between you and your person strong.

Posted by Denette Wilford. Last updated on June 6, You don't need to do everything together or make it all about your partner. Have your own opinion, hobbies and experiences because you can't lose your identity or your independence; not just for the obvious reasons, but also because you want to stay interesting for them — and yourself. Slash, if your partner does want your world to revolve around them, it may be a sign your partner is a narcissist.

We live in a world where other people's misery and happiness can affect our own state of being — and with social media, everything is up for everyone to see.

But every relationship is different, not to mention what you see isn't always what it seems. Just do you and you'll do fine. Comparing yourself and bringing that bad energy back to your relationship is an easy way you may accidentally ruin your relationship. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship but that doesn't mean you can't have your own thoughts and opinions. In a time where misinformation is too readily available, take your position based on your own set of critical thinking skills.

Your partner should respect you more for it —you should feel both heard and appreciated. Speaking freely is a sign you're fully comfortable in your relationship. Always maintain who you are and what you stand for. Being aware of your core values is an amazing thing and will not only strengthen your confidence but also your relationship. Everyone needs to vent so instead of trying to solve their problems, focus on what your partner is saying.

Sometimes all they want is someone to understand what they're going through, not a solution. Put away the phone, turn off the TV, close the book. When your person is talking to you, really listen to what they're saying.

For more advice, check out these 19 expert tips for a stronger relationship. It's easy to do but if you think about the positive qualities of your partner rather than the flaws, you might see them in a whole new light. Instead of saying something out of habit, make sure your expression of gratitude and appreciation are genuine. Unfortunately, couples don't always last, and these stars had to extend the respect even after their relationships turned sour!

See 20 celebrity couples who broke up but still had to work together. Part of being in a healthy relationship means supporting and accepting your partner for who they are, without judgment. Belittling them or trying to change them into something they're not is never good and almost always results in hurt feelings and resentment. Sometimes getting the baby to sleep through the night or having a good day at work is worth celebrating.

By not sweating the small stuff, you can focus on the good. You might believe you know your significant other inside and out, but that doesn't always mean you know what they're thinking. And instead of assuming you do, ask them to clarify so you're sure.

It's more important to maintain intimacy than be right so know when to reel it in. Nobody likes a know-it-all. If you don't express your feelings, anger and resentment will build. Relationships aren't always going to be happy times so be strong enough to handle even the most difficult situations in a healthy manner.

Maybe one of the most irritating things ever. Just be honest, enough with the games. Honesty is key to how to trust and be trusted in a relationship. It's childish and it gets you nowhere. Instead of being passive, or passive-aggressive, be honest and direct — and try not to say anything you'll regret.

Speaking of being vocal, we can't help but notice when A-listers tweet about their husbands or wives. If you feel like a chuckle, read on for celebrities tweeting about the hilarity of married life. Fights can bring out the worst in people but you need to show some restraint and not remove the gloves and earrings and make it a no-holds-barred nightmare.

You can't always take back what you say, resulting in problems bigger than you could have imagined. Communication is important but compromise is key. Your person needs to know you respect their feelings and desires, that they're valued and the relationship is a two-way street.

Sometimes you need to be the bigger person. Suck it up, buttercup. Want more? Don't miss 15 expert ways to divorce-proof your marriage.

Listen Up Ladies! 10 Things You Should Never Do in a Relationship

You must accept whatever comes with the whole package. But of course, as a man, there are some actions and some lines that you should never ever cross. Below is a list of ten hurtful things that men should never do or should stop doing in a relationship:.

No one's perfect, it's nothing to be ashamed of, we've all made mistakes in our relationships. But we can certainly learn from them and try to stop making them. These are some don'ts you should avoid if you want to keep the love between you and your person strong.

I once read an article that was supposedly about how to tell if your lover is cheating on you. It covered absolutely everything. No wonder men whine about women so much. I genuinely felt bad for any man in a relationship with a woman that believed anything written in that article. These are the real rules — ten simple things to keep in mind if you want a happy relationship.

20 Things Every Man Should Stop Doing In His Relationship

Women have a whole lot more to offer than the world or even they themselves might think. Us women are taught from an early age that we must put everyone else ahead of ourselves. While it might not be something that is explicitly said, it is implied in the actions of most adults we meet growing up. Men and women alike. To think of it, it might not be fair to blame them either. It is, after all, years and years of conditioning that has led to women across the world being socialised as the caregivers and nurturers. But women are a lot more than that and they have a whole lot more to offer. The world has started to see that, and it's time that we women did too.

20 Things You Should Never Do in a Healthy Relationship

This is what usually happens when you get too comfortable with someone — you simply stop trying. You stop putting time and thought into birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic dates. You stop trying to impress them or make them feel good or show that you love them. Relationships take work, so even if just one person stops trying it will inevitably crash and burn.

However, even though it is known that everyone is bound to make mistakes, this does not give men the right to hurt women in relationships.

Relationship experts share the worst mistakes they see couples make — and how to avoid them. This list can include physical, intellectual, professional, and personal observations. By the time you're done, you'll realize how lucky you are to have your partner and not someone else. When you love and accept yourself, you're less likely to tolerate unloving behavior from your partner or anyone else," says Jennifer Spaulding, a love and relationship coach.

5 Things A Woman Should Never Do For A Man, Or Anyone Else

A man has two options in a relationship: Either stand up and be the man she needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind you. Women fall in love with a man because of his character. It is our duty, as men, to be upright and honest in everything that we do.

Being yourself works better than any trick out there! Being the social animals that we are, we love affection and attention from those we like. While it is better to do some things that get us the attention that we need, it is never good to be careless, reckless or immature when it comes to our attention-seeking actions. Especially as a girl, you need to maintain a certain level of maturity. Under no circumstances, act dumb in front of a guy in order to get his attention. You should not have to dumb down your mental faculties in order to connect with him.

In two weeks you notice he found his next The One in a nightclub and is posting photos of them flirting on Instagram. We don't tell you to stop wearing so much pomade that I can't touch your head without needing a baby wipe for my hand before I do literally anything else. Or they text you once and then disappear. If you only want to make out with me once and then go away that's fine, don't bother asking for my number because you think I need that. I don't! You know how guys put their big heavy arms on you and then you can't move and then they fall asleep and their solar-like body heat penetrates you to your bones leaving you drenched with sweat? The best cuddling position is him on his back and your head on his chest. Because his nighttime plans didn't work out and he's hoping that YOU will bone him now.

Mar 26, - He should never avoid important conversations. Whether it be between family members or in a relationship, a good man understands that no.

Tell you that you're The One and then do the slow fade. Tell you to wear your hair down when it's in a ponytail. Give you any outfit suggestions. Never comment on a girl's appearance unless you're telling her she looks hot AF.

6 Things You Should Never Do for Your Man

Before I get the backlash, yes, I understand women are far from perfect too. There are simply some things that no boyfriend, husband, significant other, or human being should ever do to another human being. I want to outline 10 of them that should send you speeding off in the opposite direction. If he is doing this, he is purposely attempting to lower your self worth so you will not feel confident enough to leave him.

15 Things You Should Never Do In A Healthy Relationship

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29 Things Guys Should Never Do

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