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Shemp Howard as Shemp: "Moe! Moe Howard as Moe: "We ain't gettin' no place fast. Jerome Howard as Curly: "We're not ordinary people. Huh huh.

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Woo, woo, watch your eyes

Jerome Lester Horwitz October 22, — January 18, , known professionally as Curly Howard , was an American vaudevillian comedian and actor. He was best known as a member of the American farce comedy team the Three Stooges , which also featured his elder brothers Moe and Shemp Howard and actor Larry Fine. Curly Howard was generally considered the most popular and recognizable of the Stooges.

He was well known for his high-pitched voice and vocal expressions "nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! Howard was forced to leave the Three Stooges act in May when a massive stroke ended his show-business career.

He suffered through serious health problems and several more strokes until his death in at age Because he was the youngest, his brothers called him "Babe" to tease him. The name "Babe" stuck with him all his life, although when his elder brother Shemp Howard married Gertrude Frank, who was also nicknamed "Babe", the brothers called him "Curly" to avoid confusion. A quiet child, Howard rarely caused problems for his parents something in which older brothers Moe and Shemp excelled.

He was a mediocre student, but excelled as an athlete on the school basketball team. He did not graduate from high school, and instead he kept himself busy with odd jobs and constantly following his older brothers, whom he idolized. He was also an accomplished ballroom dancer and singer, and regularly turned up at the Triangle Ballroom in Brooklyn, occasionally bumping into George Raft. When Howard was 12, he accidentally shot himself in the left ankle while cleaning a rifle.

Moe rushed him to the hospital and saved his life. The wound resulted in a noticeably thinner left leg and a slight limp. He was so frightened of surgery that he never had the limp corrected. While with the Stooges, he developed his famous exaggerated walk to mask the limp on screen. Howard was interested in music and comedy, and watched his brothers Shemp and Moe perform as stooges in Ted Healy 's vaudeville act.

He also liked to hang around backstage, although he never participated in any of the routines. Howard married his first wife, Julia Rosenthal, on August 5, , but the marriage was annulled shortly afterwards. Howard's first on-stage break was as a comedy musical conductor in for the Orville Knapp Band. Moe later recalled that his performances usually overshadowed those of the band.

Vaudeville star Healy had a very popular stage act, in which he would try to tell jokes or sing, only to have his stooges wander on stage and interrupt or heckle him and cause disturbances from the audience.

Meanwhile, Healy and company appeared in their first feature film, Rube Goldberg 's Soup to Nuts Shemp Howard, however, soon tired of Healy's abrasiveness, bad temper, and alcoholism. With Shemp gone, Moe suggested that Curly fill the role of the third stooge, but Healy felt that with his thick, chestnut hair and elegant waxed mustache, he looked too good for the part. Howard left the room and returned minutes later with his head shaven the mustache remained very briefly.

In one of the few interviews Curly Howard gave in his lifetime, he complained about the loss of his hair: "I had to shave it off right down to the skin. That same year, they signed on to appear in two-reel comedy short subjects for Columbia Pictures. The Stooges soon became the most popular short-subject attraction, with Curly playing an integral part in the trio's work.

Howard's childlike mannerisms and natural comedic charm made him a hit with audiences, particularly children. He was known in the act for having an "indestructible" head, which always won out by breaking anything that assaulted it, including saws resulting in his characteristic quip, "Oh, look!

Although having no formal acting training, his comedic skills were exceptional. Many times, directors simply let the camera roll freely and let Howard improvise. Jules White , in particular, left gaps in the Stooge scripts where he could improvise for several minutes. By the time the Stooges hit their peak in the late s, their films had almost become vehicles for Howard's unbridled comic performances.

If we were going through a scene and he'd forget his words for a moment, you know, rather than stand, get pale and stop, you never knew what he was going to do.

On one occasion, he'd get down to the floor and spin around like a top until he remembered what he had to say. Howard also developed a set of reactions and expressions that the other Stooges would imitate long after he had left the act: [8]. Many of these were spoken in a form of New York accent.

On several occasions, Moe Howard was convinced that rising star Lou Costello a close friend of Shemp's was stealing material from his brother. Inevitably, Curly Howard's routines would show up in Abbott and Costello feature films, much to Moe's chagrin. Curly was the only "third Stooge" who never made a series of his own short films, without Moe or Larry, either before joining the Stooges or after leaving. By , Howard's energy began to wane. Films such as Idle Roomers and Booby Dupes present a Curly whose voice was deeper and his actions slower.

After the filming of the feature-length Rockin' in the Rockies December , he finally checked himself at Moe Howard's insistence into Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California , on January 23, , and was diagnosed with extreme hypertension , a retinal hemorrhage , and obesity.

His ill health forced him to rest, leading to only five shorts being released in the normal output was six to eight per year. The Three Stooges: An Illustrated History, From Amalgamated Morons to American Icons by Michael Fleming, states that Moe Howard pleaded with Harry Cohn to allow his younger brother some time off upon discharge to regain his strength, but Cohn would not halt the production of his profitable Stooge shorts and flatly refused his request.

They used that time to book a two-month live performance commitment in New York City working shows seven days a week. During their time on the East Coast, Howard met and married his third wife Marion Buxbaum, whom he married on October 17, , after a two-week courtship. Returning to Los Angeles in late November , Howard was a shell of his former self. With two months rest, the team's schedule at Columbia commenced in late January, but involved only 24 days' work during February to early May.

In spite of eight weeks' time off in that same period, Howard's condition continued to deteriorate. By early , Howard's voice had become even more coarse than before, and remembering even the simplest dialogue was increasingly difficult for him. He had lost a considerable amount of weight, and lines had creased his face.

Half-Wits Holiday released was Howard's final appearance as an official member of the Stooges. During filming on May 6, , he suffered a severe stroke while sitting in director Jules White's chair, waiting to film the last scene of the day. When called by the assistant director to take the stage, he did not answer. Moe went looking for his brother; he found him with his head dropped to his chest. Moe later recalled that his mouth was distorted and he was unable to speak, only cry.

Moe immediately alerted White to this, leading the latter to rework the scene quickly, dividing the action between Moe and Larry while Curly was rushed to the hospital, [12] where Moe joined him after the filming. Howard spent several weeks at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills before returning home for further recuperation. In January , Shemp had been recruited to substitute for a resting Curly during live performances in New Orleans.

An extant copy of the Stooges' Columbia Pictures contract was signed by all four Stooges and stipulated that Shemp's joining "in place and stead of Jerry Howard" would be only temporary until Curly recovered sufficiently to return to work full-time. Howard, partially recovered and with his hair regrown, made a brief cameo appearance as a train passenger barking in his sleep in the third film after brother Shemp's return, Hold That Lion!

It was the only film that featured Larry Fine and all three Howard brothers — Moe, Shemp, and Curly — simultaneously; director White later said he spontaneously staged the bit during Curly's impromptu visit to the soundstage:. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea.

Curly was visiting the set; this was sometime after his stroke. Apparently he came in on his own, since I didn't see a nurse with him. He was sitting around, reading a newspaper. As I walked in, the newspaper he had in front of his face came down and he waved hello to me.

I thought it would be funny to have him do a bit in the picture and he was happy to do it. In June , Howard filmed a second cameo as an irate chef for the short Malice in the Palace , but due to his illness, his performance was not deemed good enough and his scenes were cut.

A lobby card for the short shows him with the other Stooges, although he never appeared in the final release. Still not fully recovered from his stroke, Howard met Valerie Newman and married her on July 31, A friend, Irma Leveton, later recalled, "Valerie was the only decent thing that happened to Curly and the only one that really cared about him.

Later that year, Howard suffered a second massive stroke, which left him partially paralyzed. He used a wheelchair by and was fed boiled rice and apples as part of his diet to reduce his weight and blood pressure.

He was released after several months of treatment and medical tests, although he would return periodically until his death. In February , he was placed in a nursing home, where he suffered another stroke a month later. In December , the North Hollywood Hospital and Sanitarium supervisor advised the Howard family that he was becoming a problem to the nursing staff at the facility because of his mental deterioration.

They admitted they could no longer care for him and suggested he be placed in a mental hospital. Eleven days later, on January 18, , Curly Howard died. Howard's offscreen personality was the antithesis of his onscreen manic persona. An introvert, he generally kept to himself, rarely socializing with people unless he had been drinking a habit to which he would increasingly later turn as the stresses of his career grew.

Howard refrained from engaging in the antics for which he became famous unless he was with family, performing for an audience, or intoxicated.

He was known for his kindness to stray dogs. Howard's first marriage was annulled by his mother five months after the union occurred and prior to his achieving fame with the Stooges. Howard married his second wife, Elaine Ackerman, on June 7, Their union produced one child, Marilyn, the following year. The couple divorced in June , after which he gained weight and developed hypertension. He was insecure about his shaved head, believing it made him unappealing to women; he increasingly drank to excess and caroused to cope with his feelings of inferiority.

He took to wearing a hat in public to convey an image of masculinity, saying he felt like a little kid with his hair shaved off; despite his low self esteem, he was popular with women, particularly with those who wanted to take advantage of him.

If a pretty girl went up to him and gave him a spiel, Curly would marry her. Then she would take his money and run off. It was the same when a real estate agent would come up and say 'I have a house for you'; Curly would sell his current home and buy another one. During World War II , for seven months of each year, the trio's filming schedule went on hiatus, allowing them to make personal appearances. The Stooges entertained servicemen constantly, and the intense work schedule took its toll on Howard's health.

He never drank while performing in film or on stage, but after the work day had ended, he would head out to nightclubs where he ate, drank, and caroused to excess to cope with the stress of work.

Wisdom: Wise Guy eh?!…Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck!!!!!

Jerome Lester Horwitz October 22, — January 18, , better known by his stage name Curly Howard , was an American comedian and vaudevillian actor. He was best known as a member of the American farce comedy team, the Three Stooges , which also featured his elder brothers Moe and Shemp Howard and actor Larry Fine. Curly was generally considered the most popular and recognizable of the Stooges. He was well known for his high-pitched voice and vocal expressions "nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! Curly was forced to leave the Three Stooges act in when a massive stroke ended his showbusiness career.

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Mark Dec 12, 0 comments 5 min read. Its all gone dark! I love the simple humor in the exchange above with Mo and Larry. The simple fact that we have our eyes closed might be the reason we cannot see. So, as per their shtick…he smacks Larry on the back of the head. Yep, Larry is a wise guy in one sense. He knows how to provoke his partner. We only had 3 channels and limited programs—ANY program seemed like a miracle to view. The 3 channels we got required some rooftop antennas that looked like clothes lines.

Oh a wise guy eh?

The Three Stooges ' comedy routines have inspired generations of tributes in other media. The following information is a partial list of such tributes. Depending on the form of media used, there are direct and indirect references to the Three Stooges. Beginning with the Stooges themselves as the trio did make small guest appearances in movies or in small bumper clips for their cartoon series.

The deadline had been set, in part, by Russell Crowe, whom they were hoping to cast as Moe, the angriest and most violent Stooge. Moe pudding-bowl haircut , Larry unruly hair , and Curly no hair are dressed in white medical scrubs, standing around a nun lying semi-conscious on an operating table with her abdomen cut open.

The Three Stooges were an American comedy act in the 20th century. Although The Three Stooges are best known for their physical comedy, the group's dialogue is also highly quotable, with many of their lines or signature nonverbal vocalizations having become popular catchphrases. Here are some examples:. This person article needs cleanup.

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

Jerome Lester Horwitz October 22, — January 18, , known professionally as Curly Howard , was an American vaudevillian comedian and actor. He was best known as a member of the American farce comedy team the Three Stooges , which also featured his elder brothers Moe and Shemp Howard and actor Larry Fine. Curly Howard was generally considered the most popular and recognizable of the Stooges.

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Tuesday Buzz: Oh, a Wise Guy, Eh?

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NOTE: All logos, sounds & artwork retain their original copyright. All files are Three Stooges Sound Bites (Page 8 of 9). Toupee. Moe: "Oh, a wise guy, eh?".

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Cartoon Character Wise Guy Eh

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Curly Howard

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The Three Stooges in popular culture

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Three Stooges

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