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How to find out what a girl likes in bed

We asked women for their greatest sexual desires and got this unbelievable list of tips, tricks, techniques, and fantasies. Read on to get the details—from the subtle stuff you may be forgetting to the secret ways she wants to get freaky. Trust us, your sex life together will never be the same. Or you can just pick me up and do me while standing, taking complete control over me.

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What Women Want During Sex

Because the male and female anatomy is very different, it is sometimes difficult for men to satisfy a girl in bed. But with following some tips, the result of a fantastic sex life will not be missed. Men could freely say that women are a mysterious puzzle for which they constantly have discoveries and they try to understand what exactly girls expect from sexual intercourse.

Do they want a romantic room filled with candles? Do they want a gentle approach or quite the opposite, do they want wild sex? Here are 20 things that women secretly prefer in bed.

Kissing is a pretty intimate thing and allows a deeper communication. Women want when a man is kissing their bodies totally, especially her erogenous zone such as the neck. The kisses on the neck give her a momentary surge of excitement. Only one kiss on the neck is enough to experience the excitement. Some think that the hottest point is right in this place.

It's a very sensitive part that can be sensual. Every girl wants to be kissed in the back of the neck, then gently the man's tongue to play with her skin.

In combination with kisses on the neck, must be included the kissing of the ears, the "treatment" of this area for every girl will bring great pleasure in bed. It is well known that whispering causes the passions to flare up, but the soft touches of this area will make her wait for what's coming up in the bedroom eagerly. Many girls admit they like when a man gently pulls their hair during sex.

The fact is that stimulating the nerves in the skin of the head can be very pleasant. On the other hand, playing with hair strands or combing can help you get closer and have a higher degree of confidence, according to researchers at the University of New Hampshire. A survey conducted by a male magazine has placed "pulling hair" on the third most common aggressive movement in bed that women want.

So do not be shy, but do not drag her hair too hard. In sex, everything should be "in the middle. Talk to your girl about how you can play with her breasts. Some women do not like to treat them roughly, while others will enjoy even bites. It is known that the breasts increase slightly when the woman is excited, as many blood vessels bring blood into the tiny capillary surface of her skin.

So give them more attention the next time and sexually please your girl. Believe it or not, women adore when they are grasped for the buttocks during sex. Start by gently kissing along the spine and then fingering over the "background" until you reach the tail spray.

Then stop. That'll make her crazy. Although it is unclear if the G-point exists, nothing prevents you from looking for it. If it is, it is located on the upper wall of the vagina, and it is best to stimulate it with your fingers. G-points respond to a slower, deeper and "firmer" touch, unlike the clitoris, which needs some gentle treatment. During sex, the best pose for finding the G-point is the one in which the woman is "up. Sex is beautiful with and without G-points.

When it comes to foreplay, there is one rule - The longer, the better! This way, the woman will relax and reach the necessary mood for the further development of events. Couples usually start immediately with the main action, and while it works quite well, it's only about a raw passion. The seduction should last longer. Women like when men reveal the female body slowly, with their hands and with their eyes. For men, there are two types of foreplay: to be touched and touch, but most men forget that the most significant erotic zone for a woman is her mind.

Every woman wants a foreplay that starts out of the bedroom. The best foreplay is one that includes mental stimulation. The excitement in women starts much earlier before they become aware that they want sexual intercourse at all. A woman can be excited by the way you look at her, a statement or a "naughty" talk. A woman likes to feel desirable, and for all of this, you do not need to be in the bedroom. You can be anywhere and start playing foreplay in various ways. Too often couples are in a hurry to go to the "main course.

Take it easy, take her clothes off slowly and let your hands and kisses slowly prepare her for what's next. The holidays are right around the corner and these matching MeUndies are the perfect way to get in spirit with your boo. We are not talking here about the odd roles we had in school, but about the new level of sexy things.

For example gladiators, cops, etc - you get the point? Women usually like men in uniform. You should try wearing some uniform to excite your girl more. Also, women like playing roles in the bedroom. For example, she can play a bad high school girl, and the man can be the teacher who punishes her because she did not do the task.

Playing another role can be liberating and allow the couples to release all the brakes and feel the pleasures that in their skin may not be possible. Playing another role can be ridiculous and fun. If you put on yourself some of the various costumes offered in sex shops, you may release some of your hidden desires. In the role, you can free up some of your uncertainties.

Some women are attracted to see their partners in uniform, and some need a different look to excite them. Find out what excites your girl sexually and prepare yourself for playing some sexy roles in the bed. Women love when men satisfy them oral, especially if he does it before she returns the favor.

This makes women unbelievably relaxed and gives them a stronger orgasm. After this type of orgasm, man can do what he wants in bed with his woman. Women love the feeling of man's tongue in them, knowing that he wants to taste them is incredibly exciting for them. Oral sex is a special degree of intimacy.

When we allow another person to be so close to our body, it creates confidence. Also, women are more likely to have an orgasm more often with oral sex rather than with penetration. Research shows about 75 percent of women never achieve orgasm with penetration alone; which means a woman needs the stimulation of the clitoris. Some prefer oral sex, some finger stimulation, and some use sex toys.

It's not all about penetration, remember that and accept the work down there, it's very simple. Stimulating the clitoris is the best way to please your girl sexually. Let everything turn around her. Women like to feel special and desirable. Try to make it all over again all around her. Some women enjoy a massage, some like when a man tries to learn everything to satisfy them. Some people need a conversation. Talk to you girl and find out what stimulates her and what excites her to give her that pleasure.

Either way, do not forget to let her know what it means to you, but the work you do down, there is also important, not just words. Every woman wants to feel special, desirable, and she sometimes loves to feel like the only girl in the world. The woman to whom the partner gives it this feeling will return to her loved one with the same measure.

Power can be a great aphrodisiac. And while some women prefer when the man takes control in the bedroom, some prefer to take control of the men. Some people just like to feel that they are running the game in bed or they sexually prefer the pose when they are up, and the man is down. Women love to be dominant in bed. Power is a powerful aphrodisiac for many women and men.

By taking control of the bed, women want to show their power and be in a position where their man is submissive. For some women, the dream is to have a partner, sniff it in the back and have access to every part of his body. Others want to have the same amount of power as men and having just a dominant pose in bed is not enough for them.

Sometimes women want the sex to go slowly, with a lot of love and attention. And sometimes they want to be quick, raw, wild, and aggressive. The best pleasure for a woman sexually is the combination of inside-out circular movements. Women want to feel different types of movement, of varying intensity, speed. The man's hand, tongue, and lips - they want to get everything and feel everything as if their bodies are a secret treasure that should be explored.

Sometimes a woman likes to have sex slowly and gently; sometimes she needs rough sex. However, most women have complained that their sex is often too short. Monotony is not interesting to anyone. And if you want to work on even better mutual sexual satisfaction, you need to make an effort. Explore, experiment and talk to your partner, so you can bring variety in bed.

Naughty questions that help you find out what he likes in bed!

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Some people know what turns them on sexually from as far back as they can remember. For others, figuring out what they want in bed is a process. Sometimes, this process takes a bit of exploration and a bunch of trial and error.

Do you really know what women want when things get hot and heavy? Or are you blithely unaware, resorting to your catalog of porn to pull out moves you assume are successful, because damn, those women seem to be enjoying it? While adult films have, for better or worse, become a de-facto form of sex education , what you see on screen is sometimes just for show. Lucky for you, we asked 10 real-life women in their 20s what they want in bed.

10 Things Every Woman Wishes You Did During Sex

All people have different levels of libido. It can depend as much on your mood as on who you are dating, or if if you are a girl you go through your period. But how many times of the bed-room action do you want, or how do you try to have them, can be closely linked to the constellation under which you were born. There is a way that can help you find out what your guy likes in bed and that is only by communication! To make that easier, we have a list of questions that you can ask your partner to find out more about you know what! And do not forget to follow us on Instagram. Naughty questions that help you find out what he likes in bed!

Things Women Secretly Want in Bed

The sexual preferences of the fairer sex stretch far and wide, from the socially acceptable vanilla activities portrayed in Hollywood love stories to the dark and hidden desires only comfortably discussed in anonymous internet chat rooms. This endless variety means that anyone who claims to know exactly what every woman wants in bed is probably trying to sell you something, so I would never try. Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less, please.

What do women want during sex? It depends on the person.

Because the male and female anatomy is very different, it is sometimes difficult for men to satisfy a girl in bed. But with following some tips, the result of a fantastic sex life will not be missed. Men could freely say that women are a mysterious puzzle for which they constantly have discoveries and they try to understand what exactly girls expect from sexual intercourse. Do they want a romantic room filled with candles?

6 ways to discover her favorite sex positions

When my mum gets sick, I volunteer to fill in for her and clean some hot jock's penthouse. I've heard all the rumors about him, so the plan is get in, clean some toilet bowls, and get out. After my last experience with a "sports hero," I'm done with that sort of guy. But Lucas Carter is full of surprises.

Want to find the sex positions that drive your partner wild? She might have some stand-bys based on past experiences, but there are also plenty of fun ways to discover new favorites together. Here are 6 tips for finding the positions that she loves. Yep, it really can be that simple. Or give her two options and ask her which one she prefers. If you really want to get playful with it, you can make a sex position championship bracket!

5 Things Women Wish Men Would Do in Bed More Often

She says she was brought up not to talk about sex and it makes her uncomfortable. How do I figure out what she likes in bed? If someone is shy, self-conscious or has any anxiety about sex which is common and can be for any number of reasons , talking about pleasure can be immensely difficult. All partners deserve this, men and women alike. Body and Soul. Whimn BodyandSoul. Your aim is to get to know her better, to achieve greater happiness for her and you both as a couple. Share how important it is to you: Explain that being able to pleasure her in bed is a priority for you.

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How To Find Out What You Like In Bed Is Pretty Simple, Experts Say

While figuring out what a lover is into can be extremely fun, it can also be really frustrating, awkward, and damn near impossible. What do you like? But those are just two ways to find out what your sex partner likes in bed. Bonus: A lot of these are not only great for finding out what your partner is into but also letting them know what you love as well.

15 Things She Wants You to Do For Her in Bed

You want to switch positions? You flip her over. You want a blowjob? You subtly nudge her until you get one.

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52 Sex Questions to Find Out Exactly What Your Partner Likes in Bed

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