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How to find a male partner for ice dancing

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How To Find a Pair Skating or Ice Dance Partner

HOL Figure Skating. Home Syllabus Lessons Lesson 1 - History of Lesson 2 - Equipment Lesson 3 - Jumps, Spins Lesson 4 - Famous skat Lesson 5 - Popculture Extra Lesson - Pairs Extra Lesson - Compet..

Skate Shopping. Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4 Assignment 5. Pairs, Ice Dancing, Synchro, and Theatre. Because all of my other lessons focus mainly on Singles skating, I wanted to talk about the other disciplines of Figure skating. They perform elements such as throw jumps, in which the man throws the woman into a jump; Lifts, in which the man lifts the woman above his head in various grips; and side-by-side jumps and spin combinations.

It is a form of group skating that utilizes props and theatrical costuming. It is important to have good Singles skating skills first before venturing into these other disciplines. A local figure skating club will sometimes have someone on staff who can teach pairs, ice dance, or synchronized skating skills. But it is not guaranteed. It just depends how large and well-funded your local club is. Some clubs have a synchro team or theatre-on-ice team or no teams at all.

Some cities have ice rinks and hockey, but no figure skating community. So it absolutely depends on where you live. You'll just have to ask to find out what is available and tell them what you are interested in learning.

Even if you find a coach who can teach Pairs skills, Pair skating is rare because most people cannot find a partner because male skaters are rare. It is also the most dangerous discipline of figure skating because of the over-the-head lifts and throw-jumps.

Ice dancing is a lot safer because it doesn't include over-the-head lifts or throw-jumps. So you don't need a partner if you want to learn about Ice Dancing. But, obviously, you won't be able to learn any of the Dance Lifts without a partner. You absolutely do need a partner to learn about Pairs skills because Pairs is only throw-jumps and lifts.

Skaters usually choose Ice Dancing over Pairs skating if they do not enjoy dangerous jumping or over-the-head lifts. Ice Dancing focuses on "dancing" across the ice with complex footwork set to music. It does not include jumps or spins and only Dance Lifts are used. Adults and older couples generally like Ice Dancing because it lacks the spins and jumps of other disciplines.

Those skaters who go to the Olympics for Ice Dancing also have longer careers than Singles or Pairs because the sport is less demanding on the body. Because there are no throw-jumps and no over-the-head lifts in Ice Dancing, it is ok if the woman is almost the same height as the man. In Pairs skating, the woman must be tiny in comparison to the man so that she is light enough for him to lift easily.

It refers to how tiny and short the woman is and how tall the man is. It's not just a question of "can they lift you once or twice? No jumps from Singles skating. No spins from Singles skating.

Any spins performed must be a Pairs spin aka performed together, but not the side-by-side type. No over-the-head lifts or throw-jumps from Pairs skating 3. Dance Lifts are allowed. Partners should remain within arm's reach of each other for most of the performance because they are supposed to simulate "dancing".

Unless partners are changing positions or performing a Dance Lift, partners should be together in dance position. My favorite Ice Dancing couple! He never lifts higher than his shoulder. They never do any jumps. Any spins they perform are performed together. They are also within arm's reach of each other the entire time. Pairs skating is the most dangerous form of figure skating. The worst accidents in skating history all happened in Pair skating. Most of these accidents happen to the female skater because she is the one being lifted into the air above the man's head or thrown across the ice into a throw-jump.

There are some moves considered so dangerous that they have been banned from official competitions, but skaters will still do them sometimes in exhibition performances for fun. Pairs skating uses all the same skills as Singles skating, plus a few additional elements: 1. Side-by-side Spins 3.

Throw-jumps 4. Pair combination spins 5. Lifts 6. Partners must learn to adjust in timing and speed to match each other perfectly. It is common for partners to shout out auditory cues to each other during training in order to fine-tune themselves to each other. Because these side-by-side elements are so close to each other, some skaters have failed a jump and accidentally sliced open their partner's hand or leg when they fell.

Other skaters usually the female drifts too close to the male skater during side-by-side camel spins and gets their face slashed with their partner's skate blade.

Pair skating is like a game of "how close can we get to each other without killing each other? She will perform a single, double, triple, or quad jump, just like Singles skating. However, thanks to the extra momentum that is generated by the man throwing her, a woman can perform triple or quad jumps much easier than in Singles skating.

For example, the woman might not be able to perform a triple axel on her own, but with the man throwing her into the jump, she can perform a triple axel with ease.

But throw-jumps are very dangerous and the most common accident is the woman failing to land the jump and possibly falling in a horrible way.

All of that extra power and speed generated by the throw is very risky to the woman. Pair combination spins Now these can be fun and aren't as dangerous as the other elements, which is why they are included in Ice Dancing.

Death spiral This element is also a lot of fun for pairs and isn't very dangerous despite how it looks. The female is already so close to the ground that even if she falls, it usually doesn't hurt.

Pairs often see the death spiral as a time to relax during their program. Lifts This is the most dangerous aspect of Pair skating. This is where skaters usually the female can end up with a severe concussion or partially-paralyzed for life.

The woman's safety rests entirely in the hands of the man holding her up. For the man, it is the worst feeling in the world to accidentally drop your partner and severely injure her. Side-by-side camel spins may result in serious injuries if the partners drift too close.

Death spiral - which actually is NOT as dangerous as it looks. Throw jumps - safe as long as the female manages to land it correctly. Hand-to-hand lasso lift - the woman is facing the same direction as the man. Press lift - the woman is facing the opposite direction of the man. Platter, Swan, or Tabletop lift. Star lift.

Waist lift. Hand-to-hand lift. Twist lift. Armpit lift. These moves are considered too dangerous for official competitions and are illegal to perform. But many skaters will perform them in recreational shows. The headbanger or bounce spin is when the man swings the lady around by her feet. Her head comes dangerously close to the ice in this spin and her weight is supported only by the man's grip on her ankles.

The Detroiter is dangerous because the man is supporting the lady only by her legs. A one-handed hold is even more dangerous than two hands. The other reason that many moves end up banned is because they aren't strictly "figure skating". The rules for official competitions are attempting to make sure skaters actually "skate" and not just stand around on the ice performing acrobatics.

If you're interested in acrobatics on ice, then search for "adagio skating" or "acrobatic skating" on youtube. These kinds of elements are used for show skating and circus performances. They're more about being "acrobatic" than they are about showcasing good figure skating skills.

The competition rules are attempting to draw a clear line between figure skaters and acrobats.

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This short article gives some ideas about how to go about the difficult task of finding a figure skating partner for either pair skating or ice dancing. Time Required: There is no set time for this task.

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Ice Dancing Has a Problem: Not Enough Men

HOL Figure Skating. Home Syllabus Lessons Lesson 1 - History of Lesson 2 - Equipment Lesson 3 - Jumps, Spins Lesson 4 - Famous skat Lesson 5 - Popculture Extra Lesson - Pairs Extra Lesson - Compet.. Skate Shopping.

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