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Another Castle Monday another Undercover Lovers. Speaking of which - great segue right? I had a list of all the stories I could think of to tell which consisted of 15 "undercover" scenarios but now is the perfect time to be suggesting more. Seriously, if you can think of more scenarios of Caskett being other people let me know and I will try and make it work. Standad proccedure people: follow me on twitter vatrask and on my blog madamewriterofwrongs. She dashed from the break room, precariously holding onto her mug of coffee, snatching her phone before it buzzed right off her desk.



Bughead Fanfiction — Could you write a jealous!Betty fic where Jughead...

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She was tucked into their normal booth at pops, sandwiched between Kevin and Veronica as she stared longingly at her boyfriend a few booths away, he was laughing and his arm was slung lazily over River Lewis. The one girl in the entire town who was sure to make Betty dig her nails into her palms and tighten her ponytail. Of course Betty was happy he was making friends and it made her heart lighter to see him laughing and enjoying himself, but the tug in her heart was inevitable when he chose to sit with his new friends instead of her, the way he leaned into River would have any girlfriend feeling a little sick.

Betty looked up gratefully and sighed. The next day at school went by excruciatingly slow, she had been assured by Archie that Jughead would be at Pops today and part two of her plan would come into play. Part one had been ignoring all of his text messages and having Alice send him away when he came to her door last night.

Veronica had held her hand as her boyfriend begged her mother to let him speak to her. She stood outside Pops, her fingers shaking as Veronica ran the lipgloss over her already fairly glossy lips. Betty had on a short, tight leather skirt and loose white crop top that perfectly showed her toned stomach and tan skin.

Her feet were tucked into tall wedges and her long blonde hair was left loose and messy, looking perfectly wind blown. Her bright green eyes looked even brighter under the dark black eyeliner and heavy mascara, her perfect heart shaped lips were cherry red and she smacked the gum between her lips. The diner went silent as soon as the group stepped foot on the marble floor.

Jughead hopped up when he saw Veronica his eyes instantly looking for Betty, he started walking towards the group but stopped dead when he saw Betty his jaw dropping. At his unfamiliar look Betty instantly felt all of those insecurities build up again, she struggled to keep her arms at her side, her natural instinct to hide in herself was bubbling to the surface, but when a boy in a serpents jacket let out the first low wolf whistle, she let out a relived breath.

Suddenly it seemed every member from the Southside was drawn to her and she giggled as they tripped over themselves to get a better look. Veronica winked and led Betty to a booth, Kevin shaking his fingers in a few boys faces to back them off.

Just as she was about to settle into the booth, she felt a warm hand grip her upper arm, his fingers familiar even under the leather. Looking up she swallowed at the intensity in her boyfriend eyes.

Pulling her arm free Betty sat down in the seat. I think River is waiting for you. His lips attacked her as she gasped, her fingers instinctively digging into his dark waves as he ran his hands over the bare skin of her legs before sliding under her shirt. I love you. I love you, I love who you are. You never have to change for me. I cannot lose you. Katniss is squeezed beside Peeta, her arm tangled somewhere with his as they melt into the couch and listen to Prim ramble on about everything Katniss has missed.

The orange and yellow tabby cat prim rescued from the mines meowing incessantly and the rumble of the crowds making the eldest Everdeens anxiety clear as day.

There is so much he wants to say, to tell her, to promise her.. He has to say something, he opens his mouth to speak. She interrupts quickly, her grey eyes staring fearlessly into his own.

Her hand still clutched in his squeezes firmly. Peeta all but forgets how to breathe in that instance. I just need you there with me. I need you. I would do anything for you Katniss you have to know that. I always would and i always will. It had started two years ago, a shuddering knock on the bakery door long after closing, rain beating the roof and thunder cracking the air. Peeta had been cleaning up shop, it was Wednesday night and that had been his night to close since before he could remember but he had never been interrupted so late before never so close to District curfew atleast.

He found himself slightly scared as he made his way to the door, a heavy rolling pin clutched in his flexing palms. If someone wanted to kill him they were gonna get one hell of a floury beating. The last person he had ever expected to see soaked and shivering at his front door was Katniss Everdeen clutching a string of dead squirrels and thrusting them into his open arms as soon as the door opened.

Thanks again. It too all of five seconds for Peeta to register what had just happened. Katniss turned slowly and trudged back up the steps of the bakery, her arms crossed and her eyes looking anywhere but at Peeta. So thanks again. Katniss was silent for a moment her feet glued to the ground and her always inquisitive eyes narrowed slightly.

Peetas hand reached out to cover her own. From that day forward they were each others everything. They kept their friendship private and away from his mother or the kids in town but they shared everything, late night talks in the meadow, cookies in Peetas pockets and Prim dancing through the weeds, Katniss provided most of the meat for the merchants so it was never strange to see her passing through town discussing trade with the bakers son.

They figured it out, it worked, they worked. He was going to finally ask her to be his, it had been years of friendship and gaining her trust. He threw up in front of the bakery and his mother beat him so hard that night he almost forgot the love of his life was marching off to her death.

And now.. I wanted to get you away from your mother too but If you have to stay I understand. This is your family it was foolish of me to ask. Peeta reached for her again pulling her maybe a little too agreesively into his chest, his hand burying on her hair. Originally posted by lauguzmanreader. Originally posted by sandymilkovich. Originally posted by balenciata I just saw your last post.

You have a beautiful soul and are an extraordinary person. I hope you realize it someday. It was not your fault. And you did not deserve that. Merry soon-to-be-in-a-couple-weeks Christmas. I have love for you in my heart. Riverdale High was average.. Southside High was small, dingy and old.. Southside High had been his second home, there were no over zealous jocks or prissy cheerleaders sneering at him from the locker room door.

Being here.. And of course the bullies.. Riverdale High has proved him desperately wrong. The students here were cruel.. There were far too many rumors to count regarding the beautiful blonde…. No one knew the truth, no one ever asked.. But god was she beautiful.. She was never without the gloves.. She kept then tucked to her side or shoved into her pockets, dodging any and everyone who walked in her path, she never looked up and never brushed across anyone. Elizabeth Cooper was not to be touched..

They called her crazy but Jughead knew.. It took him nearly stumbling over his combat boots to land directly behind her, he stayed there for a few minutes until she whipped around. Elizabeth Cooper stood in front of him, eyes closed and back straight, it took a moment before it clicked, She thought he was like Chuck Clayton and those guys.. Slowly her eyes opened, thick lashes fluttering with the mid May wind, she stared at this practically stranger cautiously.

Call me crazy and go to school and tell all of your friends? Just leave me alone.. I know that. Then she was gone, brushed away like the leaves, leaving him staring after her retreating back in awe. Posts Ask me anything! Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Could you write a jealous! Betty fic where Jughead befriends a tough girl who's basically the girl version of him at south side high so Betty feels insecure and tries to be more like the girl short skirts, dark makeup, messy hair,etc.

Thank you!!! Oh absolutely not. Let me go! You searched for: Disneysdarling! Discover the unique items that Disneysdarling creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community. Hi guys, long time no talk.

Fanfiction and tumblr can be a great place to immerse yourself in a different world, one that makes you feel happy and safe but it can also be very dangerous and consuming.

Lucy and laxus fanfiction jealous

Also available on AO3 and FF. Bumpy Ride II. Scully to help him figure it out and deal with the side effects. Clinical Detatchment II. Mulder had no idea Scully was claustrophobic.

Stiles Stilinski was not a jealous person. Of course not, why would he be?

Read to find out wattpad fanfiction Lucy joined the guild at age two. It means a lot to me. The Battle of Fairy Tail, a battle between friends to determine the strongest, and the battle to prevent Laxus from taking over the guild begins. So yeah, in summary, Laxus loves to gossip.

Four friends who bonded over their shared love of a TV show embark on a road trip after high school graduation. On a whim, one of them invites the star of their favorite show to join them and to Baca ulasan lengkap. To me this felt like a book that was trying to be very poignant and deep, and just barely missed those goals. The topics Colfer was writing about, and the story he was telling, to me, were ones that Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Stranger Than Fanfiction. Chris Colfer. Hachette UK , 28 Feb - halaman.

She leaned back against her mate, knowing how crazy of a statement it was to make, let alone think A few days ago it had been the insanely impossible spectre of a nearly three-hundred year old woman who didn't look a day over twenty , taking a rather undue interest in V. Fear and jealousy do make an odd mix as it turns out. And now -- it was some excited little brunette, showing quite an amorous interest in the Fawkesian facade. So accurate in fact, that it made Evey squirm just to be a casual observer.

Baca ulasan lengkap. Account Options Login.

She was tucked into their normal booth at pops, sandwiched between Kevin and Veronica as she stared longingly at her boyfriend a few booths away, he was laughing and his arm was slung lazily over River Lewis. The one girl in the entire town who was sure to make Betty dig her nails into her palms and tighten her ponytail. Of course Betty was happy he was making friends and it made her heart lighter to see him laughing and enjoying himself, but the tug in her heart was inevitable when he chose to sit with his new friends instead of her, the way he leaned into River would have any girlfriend feeling a little sick. Betty looked up gratefully and sighed.

I already posted this on tumblr. But I feel that I should also post it here on. It was really hard to have a handsome boyfriend. He sure had the very good looks that would made all women swoon over him.

I take scenarios requests for optional biases! The one shots don't make use of names so please don't request for a scenario with your bias unless it's Kai lol. Check out my Scenarios page for examples. He chuckled softly and you had to duck your eyes as you sipped on your iced tea. It was embarrassing to let him know how much you ogled over him.

Нуматака почувствовал, как расслабляются его мышцы. Код страны - 1. Действительно хорошая новость. ГЛАВА 54 - Пусти. А потом раздался нечеловеческий крик. Это был протяжный вопль ужаса, издаваемый умирающим зверем. Сьюзан замерла возле вентиляционного люка.

Browse through and read jealous gf fanfiction stories and books. Harrys gf is the jealous type whereas louis' gf is the forgiving type, lets him get away with.

Ты лжешь, - ответил ему внутренний голос. Да, это. Он - лжец.

Ну, доволен. Тот потерял дар речи. - Будь здоров, - сказал Беккер.

Он улыбнулся. Может, заскочить на секунду, когда просмотрю эти отчеты. Бринкерхофф взял первую распечатку.

Беккер ответил по-испански: - Мне нужно поговорить с Мануэлем.

Перед камерой появился агент Смит. - Мы выстрелили в него новым Джей-23, это нервно-паралитическое вещество продолжительного действия. Конечно, это чертовски болезненно, но нам нужно было его остановить. - Не волнуйтесь, мадам, - заверил второй агент.  - С ним все будет в порядке.

Ее мозги работали словно на совсем другом уровне. Она подавляла его своей красотой, и всякий раз, когда он оказывался рядом, язык у него заплетался. Сейчас она держалась подчеркнуто сдержанно, и это пугало его еще сильнее. - Так в чем же проблема, Фил? - спросил Стратмор, открывая холодильник.  - Может, чего-нибудь выпьешь.

Табу Иуда, - произнес тот как ни в чем не бывало. Беккер посмотрел на него с недоумением. Панк сплюнул в проход, явно раздраженный невежеством собеседника.

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