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Get rid of valley girl accent

Valley girl accents are cool, I'm not from the Valley so naturally I would like it. It is you so you have to learn to like yourself. I don't think that there is any way to completely get rid of it, seeing as you have talked like that for so long, but I think that you can just practice other accents. Speak in the way Canadians or Americans or British or whoever do, and just practice at home until it comes as easily and naturally as your own accent. Here them over and over again while repeating the sentences in their accent.



how do i get rid of my valley girl accent?

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. How do I quit talking like a valley girl? I am in my 30's and just started a highly specialized post graduate school program where I am required to speak, give presentations and sometimes teach, which isn't too much of a problem.

I've mostly conquered a fear of public speaking, however, when I start feeling comfortable, I start channeling Spicolli. I have a tendency to use the word "like" entirely too frequently. Even more embarrasingly, I use words like 'dude,' 'totally,' 'super' and 'cool' more than I would like.

I have reason to believe that I sound like a moron when I speak. I've spent the last 15 years working cubicle farm jobs where I didn't have to talk pretty. I look a lot younger than I am. The combination of looking like a kid and talking like a kid is beginning to have the result of me not getting taken seriously. I know I am not the only person in my demographic to have this issue. What can I do to start speaking like a civilized, intelligent adult? I already know about Toastmasters, but am lukewarm to the idea of joining my local group is full of evangelical former co-workers who are hellbent on me joining their church.

Speak more slowly. Think about where a sentence is going before speaking. You may seem a little overly deliberate for a while, but you'll be better gramatically and enunciate better as a bonus. Maybe you could enlist some friends to help you. When I was in elementary school I had a pretty bad lisp and a few annoying speech patterns lots of "y'knows" and "likes". My speech therapist helped me with the lisp by doing a lot of basic "ace ees eyes ohs oos" exercises, and she helped me with the tics by spending part of our session just chatting with me and calling me on them.

It had spaceships, y'know? I didn't know that. She wasn't abusive or snotty about it Eventually it sank in, and sank in better than the teacher who'd just taken to saying "y'know y'know y'know!

Maybe your friends could provide the same sort of active, responsive listening? I used to say "yeah, but" all the time. My Dad mockingly threatened to smack me with a newspaper every time I did it in conversation, just to give some idea of how out of hand it was. Although you know you "like", it's good to listen to yourself do it and count the frequency, say, in a minute. To realise how prevalent it is in your speech. I think Mikeh's got it, too. Listen to yourself in real time. The delay is really worth it if you're putting your audience off by your mannerisms.

If it's really a problem, there are voice coaches in major cities that serve actors. But really, it's all about word choices. Try reading a newspaper article out loud so you can hear what it sounds like to be making entirely different word choices. You can also experiment by practicing alone with speaking with different accents, which tend to focus your word choices I dare you to sound like a Valley Girl with a formal British accent.

But honestly I'd embrace it rather than try to run from it. People like people that sound relaxed. How far are you from a different Toastmasters group? Ditto what mph said. Where I work, when I first started, some co-workers and I had to get some training, then make a brief presentation.

During our dry-runs, one guy an older engineer, stickler about spelling and language would simply count the number of times we said "uh", "um", "er", "y'know", "like", etc. It was startling. But it made me slow down and think before I let the words spill out. I find people who speak naturally, tics and all, endearing. However, I'm probably not in your target audience. Whenever I read more academic materials, that helps me form my vocabulary.

Maybe there are things that you could start reading related to your studies that could prepare you? I have a similar issue, and I've noticed that my style of speaking tends to adapt to the group that I'm with. I speak one way, and use one type of words, with friends versus at work. So you may notice that your speech naturally becomes more "professional" and "educated" sounding when you're around your new colleagues.

I think mikeh has it right - speak more slowly for awhile. I wouldn't get too hung up on it, but try to be conscious of it. Congrats on entering the new program! Try taping yourself. It will help you hear what you're saying much better. Then you can start trying to improve it. Once you've done that, try to simply pause instead of inserting whatever filler word you tend to fall back on e. I used to teach for a living and did the same thing you did for a while until I got some help from other instructors.

The extra benefit of learning to pause is that it makes you sound thoughtful instead of, like, dippy, ya'know? Coming from an entirely different background I am a Glaswegian Scot I have also experienced difficulties in speaking to groups because people hear the delivery thick accent before the content. I got over it by speaking more clearly and more deliberately than I would have normally.

It feels stilted at first but you soon click and get going. Remember that most people modify their language when speaking to groups and as they become more comfortable head back to their natural talking style only slightly accentuated towards a public speaking rather than a conversational tone. Seconding "Think about where a sentence is going before speaking. If you have to stop for four seconds in the middle of a sentence, do it; it's way better than "uhhhhhhh Frenchmen think that "uh" is hilarious, but they have their own tics which really are hilarious.

Find a friend, read Jane Austen novels out loud to each other. Look up each and every unfamiliar word. It's fun, your vocabulary will improve, and the long words will slow down your speech. You know, Toastmasters isn't all about the local established club. If you don't like the local club, get the books from the national club and get some friends to listen to you and evaluate you based upon the criteria in the book. What you need is structured practice.

Taping yourself is also a good advice. See if you can borrow a video camera from the school. Wash, rinse, repeat until you're satisfied with the result. Then do it again the next weekend with a different speech. You can also try doing impromptu - have someone give you a topic and talk about it for a set amount of time. If there's a local community college, you might also look into taking a Public Speaking class. Oh, and in someone who looks young -- I have the same issue, incurable baby-face -- a pause before speaking is not necessarily a bad thing.

It shows that you're considering what they've said and you're formulating your thoughts. Do this: ask all your friends to audibly smack their palm on the tabletop or another nearby surface every time they hear you say a word on your 'valley' list.

This works, and is really effective in a week's time. It's an exercise I learned in a communications class as a college undergrad. Just follow up SpecialK, my wife has the same "eternal youth" problem - when she was 21 she was almost thrown out of a bar in the US Boston because the security guy decided her passport was a fake, she was asked for IDs to enter movies until the 30's and recently she couldn't sign her minor, 20 years younger sister college enrollment papers because the person in charge also decided she wasn't old enough to be responsible for a 17 year old.

As was mentioned above, these words and sounds are fillers. They make you sound like you haven't put much or any thought into was is coming out of your mouth. Know your topic inside out and upside down and be confident, those are the best ways to keep these things from coming out. I used to learn by rote whole passages from Jane Austen, or any specialist writer in my field and give myself the same lecture in front of the mirror or in the car on the way to work.

I came from what would in USian language be called a "white-trash" background and when I lectured in Ireland I had to really make an effort to be taken seriously.

Slow, deliberate delivery once I had immersed myself in Austen worked a treat. Good luck posted by Wilder at PM on January 24, I'm male, but have dealt with similar issues.

I have a relatively high-power job, but look young. I improved the language portion of the problem by making a point to expose myself to more well-spoken English. Nothing involved, but now I listen to A Way with Words , well-written Audiobooks, and I make a conscious effort to screen my speech for filler words.

Speech is not an island. The way one talks tends to be linked to one's culture. Do or did most of your friends speak Valley?

How can I get rid of my valley girl accent?

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Are you still making fun of young women for talking like Valley Girls? Even that they sound — how to say this politely? New Zealand? Some date it to the s, others say it is centuries old. But scholars have found that the rising inflection can suggest a range of nuanced meanings in different geographical areas and conversational contexts. Another myth busted: its use is not exclusive to young women. Now researchers at the University of California, San Diego, who wanted to learn more about when and how local speakers use uptalk, have done a close acoustical analysis of 23 Southern Californians from diverse backgrounds, ages 18 to 22, including 11 men. The researchers gave the speakers two tasks: using a map to give directions to a listener, and describing a sitcom clip they had just watched. Generally, the women did use uptalk almost twice as often as men, with their rises beginning later in a sentence and hitting higher pitches. When giving directions, a non-uptalker would use a declarative sentence, without a rising inflection.

6 Insane Prejudices People Have Based On How You Talk

I have this valley girl accent. Lots of people comment on it and laugh at me and people have also said it's stonery and like the emo kids on South PArk. I don't know why I talk like this, I think I just like putting extra emphasis on different words to make up for being inexpressive as a person? And I ask statements as questions?

So, you probably already know about vocal fry, valspeak and uptalk , right? I mean, everyone has heard plenty of examples of those speech patterns that have made perfectly well-educated college grads mostly female sound like Kardashian wannabes.

P atriarchy is inventive. This demographic of women tends to have a distinctive speech pattern. Many commentators have noticed it, often with dismay. The less charitable refer to it privately as painfully nasal, and to young women in conversation sounding like ducks quacking.

The Most Annoying Speech Patterns You Hear All the Time Now

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. How do I quit talking like a valley girl? I am in my 30's and just started a highly specialized post graduate school program where I am required to speak, give presentations and sometimes teach, which isn't too much of a problem.

All rights reserved. A slight rise in pitch at the end of a sentence may be the most defining characteristic of a Valley girl, referring to the stereotypical ditzy, young, well-to-do, white women from the San Fernando Valley in southern California. But according to research by Amanda Ritchart , a graduate student in linguistics at the University of California, San Diego, young southern Californians of many ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, both women and men, speak with a rise in pitch—known as "uptalk. In one of the first studies to take a detailed look at the phonetics of uptalk, Ritchart and her former adviser Amalia Arvaniti analyzed the speech of 23 college-age, native English speakers of different socioeconomic backgrounds from southern California, including 11 men. About half self-identified as Asian; the rest were white or Hispanic. Eight reported they were bilingual.

The unstoppable march of the upward inflection?

From its first shock waves in , the Great Recession has been reshaping American cities. Detroit collapsed, and the ongoing national rollback in industry has meant the death of factory towns like Greensboro, North Carolina and Reading, Pennsylvania. But the effects of the crash have been far from uniform. The populations of gentrifying cities such as San Francisco and Brooklyn continue to expand, with rents soaring and neighborhood demographics changing overnight. Providence, Rhode Island is experiencing a civic renaissance that disguises lingering corruption in its political system. The two hundred citizens of Whittier, Alaska, have been approached about starring in a reality TV show.

Dec 23, - Are you still making fun of young women for talking like Valley Girls? women of California's San Fernando Valley who spoke it as their own dialect. But scholars have found that the rising inflection can suggest a range of.

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Overturning the Myth of Valley Girl Speak

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Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice

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