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This page has a list of questions that you can ask that may help you to choose your midwife or specialist doctor. This is important for your health and for your baby. Most women choose a midwife but you may wish to choose a specialist doctor an obstetrician. In some places a general practitioner a GP who has been specially trained to care for pregnant women may be available.

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Bachelor of Midwifery

When you first look for a midwife, it can be confusing as midwives are all different. However, there are certain qualities that you should look for in a midwife and these are described below. You can find out about midwives available in your area by visiting the Find Your Midwife website. What to look for in a midwife. Find a midwife You can find out about midwives available in your area by visiting the Find Your Midwife website.

Respectful treatment. Personal attention. These visits will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. Meaningful discussions to explore and help resolve fears and concerns you or your whanau might have. Caring attention to develop a trusting and nurturing relationship with you and your whanau that can help you to labour and give birth naturally and safely and can help you and your partner and whanau with the transition to motherhood and parenting.

Plenty of information. Plenty of information: about pregnancy, birth and the weeks afterwards, including breastfeeding and care of the baby Suggestions about ways you can take good care of yourself and your baby Encouragement and practical suggestions for you to have good nutrition and make healthy lifestyle choices Full information on any recommended tests, procedures or treatments so you can make informed decisions about your care.

Professional care. Regular and thorough check-ups for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, during labour, and after the birth, to make sure both of you are healthy and doing well Recommendations for diagnostic technology when appropriate Planning with you for the unexpected and rare emergency Consultations with obstetricians if complications arise.

If referral to an obstetrician is required midwives will continue to provide you with the important midwifery care you need Expertise in normal and natural childbirth. These practitioners can provide support to you and your family and assist you with ongoing issues and care for your baby such as well child checks and immunisation. Support for doing the work of giving birth. You will be supported and encouraged to give birth to your baby in the way that best suits you and your family.

Support with the art of breastfeeding your baby. Coping with the pain of labour. Midwives know that pain is an important part of labour and works to keep you safe. There is normal pain in a labour that is progressing normally.

The normal pain of labour comes in waves and builds in intensity. Pain is not continuous but is a pattern of contractions with rest periods in between. Midwives support you throughout labour and help you to cope with the pain you will have in a normal labour For a few women pain can indicate that labour is no longer progressing well.

Midwives can recognise when pain is no longer normal as might happen if the baby is not in the usual position. For the small number of women for whom this might occur, midwives can help them access pain relief and additional help if necessary In labour midwives have found that encouragement, massage, privacy, changing positions and labouring in water are effective ways of working with pain Midwives help you avoid risks to yourself and your baby that are associated with the unnecessary use of technology.

Continuity of care throughout the whole experience. Home Midwives. Back 0" v-on:click.

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When you first look for a midwife, it can be confusing as midwives are all different. However, there are certain qualities that you should look for in a midwife and these are described below. You can find out about midwives available in your area by visiting the Find Your Midwife website. What to look for in a midwife. Find a midwife You can find out about midwives available in your area by visiting the Find Your Midwife website.

Information about changes at hospitals and health centres can be found at www. Last updated: 14 May Updated - effective from 14 May until further notice.

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Who pays the midwife? And why isn’t it enough?

The Midwifery Council does not employ or recommend midwives, we do hold the Register of Midwives. Simply type in the name of your midwife, and the Register will show if they have a current practising certificate and other information such as their qualifications and any conditions on their practice. In New Zealand, registration is for life, so midwives remain in the Register even when they are not practising. This is a good option. Most new mothers are happy to pass on the contact details for their midwife if she was happy with the maternity care she received. Your GP can discuss your options for maternity care and will have contact details of midwives in the area. This phone line is run by the Ministry of Health. If you cannot find a Lead Maternity Care midwife then please ring the community midwifery team of your local hospital. They will provide you with midwifery care and may even be able to put you in contact with an LMC midwife when and if one becomes available. It is important that you receive care throughout your pregnancy.

Choosing a midwife or specialist doctor

Gemma Walker gave birth on the lounge floor of her Gisborne home, without the assistance of a midwife. Two weeks before her due date, Walker's midwife told her a lack of Covid protective gear meant she couldn't attend the planned homebirth. Walker, 27, decided to go it alone, but was also forced to extend her bubble by having both her partner and mum there for support. Baby Athena was born on the morning of April 6, still in her amniotic sac, weighing 7.

When contacting midwives notify them if you or a household member returned from overseas in the last 14 days or had contact with anyone confirmed or highly suspected of having COVID

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While you’re pregnant

I believe pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent are normal but significant events in your life. I feel privileged to share this journey with the whanau I care for. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is important. I support births in Gisborne maternity and I also have a passion for supporting homebirth.

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Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and childbirth and can provide all of your maternity care when your pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period are normal. Our local midwives work in partnership with women and their families in a relationship based on trust, shared decision making and responsibility, negotiation and shared understanding. If your midwife is concerned about the wellbeing of you or your baby at any time, she will refer you to an obstetrician for advice or medical care. If you are unable to find a midwife or need some advice or assistance please call Puawai Aroha Maternity on 06 Last modified: 19th December You are here Home Our services Maternity services Lead maternity carers and midwives.

Lead Maternity Carers in the Hutt Valley

Choose a midwife and find out about who can get maternity care, paid parental leave, antenatal classes, health tests and parenting support. As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed you need to choose an LMC. Most LMCs are registered midwives, but they can also be:. Maternity care: Choosing a lead maternity carer. Many district health boards offer free antenatal classes. The Ministry of Health website has information about classes. Antenatal or childbirth classes. Types of parental leave: Special leave.

Find information and updates here. midwife listening to foetal heart beat of pregnant belly. Home · Study at Wintec · Health and Wellbeing.

Ideally, see them before you are 10 weeks pregnant so you can arrange the tests you will need during your pregnancy. Every woman in pregnancy should have an LMC, who will monitor your wellbeing and how your baby is doing. See the links above. This may be a midwife or obstetrician. The DHB fluctuates between 35 and 45 LMC midwives; currently there are 36 community-based case-loading midwives with primary access agreements providing lead maternity care.

Your lead maternity carer is a midwife or specialist doctor who provides maternity care for you. You choose who provides your maternity care. Your lead maternity carer will care for you while you are pregnant, during labour and birth and for 4—6 weeks after your baby is born.

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