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Can you see me now phoenix nights

By Rebecca Davison for MailOnline. The last series of Phoenix Nights was aired on television screens in - and Paddy McGuinness has confirmed that Peter Kay and the cast are keen for a return. The show told the story of the misadventures of club owner Brian Potter [Kay], who is determined to make The Phoenix Club the best working men's club in Greater Manchester. There's always talk about doing another one. It's just time, it's just getting everyone together.

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Episode 1.1

Peter Kay sparked fresh rumours about a Phoenix Nights revival at the weekend when he confirmed that there would be some "big news" about the show in the coming days. If you needed any reminding about why Phoenix Nights is one of the greatest British comedies of all time, here are 11 classic clips. When the Phoenix Club burns down at the end of series 1, the staff abandon Brian Potter and try to find fresh work. For Jerry and Les Alanos, that means flogging bin bags in supermarkets.

Meet Sammy The Snake. When a bouncy castle is ordered for the Phoenix Family Fun Day, Brian runs into trouble when he is delivered a "20ft cock and balls". Some quick thinking turns the "love length" into "Sammy Snake", but inevitably the Sammy disguise doesn't keep the Amsterdam inflatable covered up for long.

Spencer for hire. Although Kay and Daniel Kitson would end up falling out after the show finished the DVD commentary for the series reveals Kay's strong feelings on his fellow stand-up , we should all be grateful for this rare opportunity to see the always brilliant Kitson on television.

Clinton Baptiste is one of Phoenix Nights ' finest creations. A sub-Derek Acorah psychic medium with an uncanny ability for offending his audience, he deserved his own spinoff show. The auditions. During the closing credits sequences for the show, we always saw the Phoenix staff casting for variety acts to perform at the club.

From a swinging Nelly the Elephant to a delightful elderly couple of dancers, it was always a perfect way to close an episode. Stars In Your Eyes. At the end of series 2, Brian was forced to take drastic action when his dastardly rival Den Perry cancelled all his acts for a Stars In Your Eyes show. With a brewery visit coming, the staff had to take over the show themselves, meaning we got a rapping Jerry St Clair, an incredible Meat Loaf from Young Kenny and an unnerving Kenny Senior as Britney Spears.

Thankfully he was eventually cleared of killing Tracy Burns "The Yorkshire rapper" and he got back to doing what he does best However, the character did end up getting Kay in hot water and he was forced to make a charitable donation and apology for any upset caused to real-life fire safety officer Mr.

Keith Laird. Gangster Trippin. Jerry's pill-popping antics and hypochondria were a running joke throughout the series and they culminated in this "gangster trippin" crescendo where Jerry's bingo-calling gets out of hand and it all ends with an unfortunate flashing incident in the bar. Flower for the lady?

It was a simple crude throwaway line, but Brian Potter's response to this romantic offer personified the club owner's tight-fisted, straight-talking character. It's Kay's ability to make you love a character who is such a miserable old bugger that showcases his finest skills as a comedy writer. The Theme from Minder. The pair's rendition of Minder theme tune after they started working as minibus drivers was a classic scene that utilised Kay's passion for classic TV of his youth and the finest musical work of Dennis Waterman.

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Phoenix Nights

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This Christmas Day most of the country will settle down in front of the TV , full of pigs in blankets and merry from the overflowing red wine, to watch the long-awaited return of Gavin and Stacey. Rumours of a reboot of the comedy about a Bolton social club have been circling since , when Kay admitted he had indeed written a third series, but subsided until this week, when Paddy McGuinness - whose turn as bouncer Patrick launched his career - revealed the whole cast were up for it. But everyone is up for it. For the uninitiated, Phoenix Nights first aired in on Channel 4, introducing us to the highly-strung nightclub owner, Brian Potter and his ragtag group of Boltonian employees.

Paddy McGuinness CONFIRMS Phoenix Nights cast are keen for reboot

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Phoenix Nights star slams Peter Kay, Paddy McGuinness and BBC over failed career

Peter Kay sparked fresh rumours about a Phoenix Nights revival at the weekend when he confirmed that there would be some "big news" about the show in the coming days. If you needed any reminding about why Phoenix Nights is one of the greatest British comedies of all time, here are 11 classic clips. When the Phoenix Club burns down at the end of series 1, the staff abandon Brian Potter and try to find fresh work. For Jerry and Les Alanos, that means flogging bin bags in supermarkets.

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Dave Spikey has been landing blows on his comedy rivals after struggling to find work. The year-old comedian even took a swipe at the BBC to accuse them of ageism as he lashed out on social media as he lamented his career stalling. Responding to fans on Twitter over the festive season, Dave hinted he was not too pleased to have seen his career dry up since Phoenix Nights ended back in

11 funniest Phoenix Nights moments: Shabba!

Jerry St. Clair has booked out a psychic for the club, who comes highly recommended by Den Perry, with Jerry oblivious to the fact that Den Perry wants the Phoenix Club shut down. Brian and Jerry Brian is the most successful though, when he accidentally runs over a

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Sign In. Phoenix Nights — Hide Spoilers. This comedy, which ran for two series, was co-written by and starred in several roles , Bolton comic Peter Kay, who has his finger perfectly on the breathing pulse of North West England speaking as someone the same age as Kay who comes from a part of the NW not a million miles from Bolton. Phoenix Nights was set in a lousy Northern club with 'entertainment', bingo, and droll staff, just the kind of club that existed in the s and s.

If Phoenix Nights is rebooted it must leave the offensive jokes in the noughties

It was directed by Jonny Campbell. He seems to have it all under control but a missing band member, dodgy electrics and misbehaving bouncers are the least of his worries. All he has to do is make it through the night and impress the punters. Brian Potter is driving on his motorised scooter as an announcement on Chorley FM tells us that it's opening day of the Phoenix Club. Brian drives into the car park of the club where he sees Kenny Senior on the roof, placing the lights.

Apr 23, - Peter Kay as Brian Potter, hero of Phoenix Nights Will we ever return to the Phoenix Club? asks Tom Fordy Peter said, 'Andrew, I want you to be able to watch me on television, because I'm going to be there quite a lot.'” Now, 20 years later, the mockumentary has all but replaced the studio sitcom as.

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Brian Potter and the Bolton Comedy Mafia: how Peter Kay created Phoenix Nights

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