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I have a crush on a guy i dont know

I just wonder how I can get over him? I just keep fantasizing about it. How can I rid myself of this stupid crush and focus on more suitable men? There were so many twists and turns, it was like riding a roller coaster while watching a soap opera while dropping acid. To briefly recap:. Attraction is a funny thing, an involuntary feeling that defies all logic.

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I Have a Crush on a Guy I Don’t Even Like and Can’t Get Over It!

If you're tired of longingly gazing at a crush who's barely aware of your existence, it might be time to take action to catch his eye. To attract the guy you have a crush on, demonstrate kindness, find common ground, befriend him , and look your best while feeling comfortable.

You should also be yourself and be clear about your intentions toward him so there are few misunderstandings. It might seem intimidating now, but attracting your crush is definitely possible. For example, you could tell him that you really like his haircut.

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Befriending Your Crush. Keeping Up Appearances. Expert Advice. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Be friendly.

If your crush has no idea you exist, it's going to be difficult to attract him. You need to find ways to attract him even before you start talking directly to him. Try to get to know each other by becoming acquainted with his friends, joining a club he's in, or asking someone who knows him to introduce you. Be careful because if you don't want him to know you like him, they might say something which could ruin your chances and make things uncomfortable.

If your crush is in your class, talk to him a little before or after class talking during class could get you some unwanted, negative attention. You could comment on the teacher, the work you have to do or make a joke when he's listening.

It's scary but you'll feel good once you make a move. Were you able to figure it out? Find common ground. It's easier to start conversations when you both have found something to talk about. You might possibly consider taking up some of his interests but don't become a whole different person just for someone else.

It's definitely not worth it. If you have no common interests, don't freak out, just ask him about his hobbies or about something you already know he enjoys. Get to know him better. You have to be friends before he will start to reciprocate the whole "crush feeling" in return. Maybe after you've gotten to know him a little better, you can joke around or tease him, maybe even flirt with him - but don't get too ahead of yourself.

He might feel awkward if a girl he barely knows starts flirting hard-core with him. Be playful. Guys are generally attracted to and notice people with a good sense of humor, especially those with playful personalities. Try joking around with him or teasing him if you are comfortable doing so. Being able to make him laugh could be attractive to him.

Method 2 of Flirt with him. Be sure that you aren't considered "one of the guys" or just his "bud". Of course, you have to get to know him first and you may possibly just gain an amazing friend in the process which is all right, some pursued crushes could turn out to be one of your best friends but be a little more flirty with him, in a way that you're sure one of his "buds" wouldn't be.

Avoid always talking about yourself. Your crush may be attracted to you if you let him share details about his life. Try not to always talk about yourself; he wants to know about you but give him a chance to share about himself.

Laugh at his jokes. One of the best ways to demonstrate to a guy that you like him and enjoy his company is to laugh at his jokes! This boosts his confidence and signals to him that you have a similar sense of humor and find the same things funny. For many people, a sense of humor is one of the most important qualities they look for in a significant other.

Hang out at his favorite places. If you know where your crush likes to spend his time, you can get yourself noticed by showing up there every so often. For example, if he has a favorite coffee shop in the area, you could go there with a friend or two on the off chance you might see him there. You could also study or do your homework there.

This can provide a chance for you to bump into him and say hello. This could even give you a reason to hang out together. Try joining a club or activity that he is a part of. This could also give you a reason to talk and hang out. Be careful not to show up where he is all the time, or he may get annoyed or think you are stalking him.

Just be yourself and if he happens to enjoy the same activities as you, even better! Method 3 of Keep your hair healthy. Hair is one of the first thing guys notice and it has been shown that they are attracted to healthy-looking hair. If your hair is color-treated or damaged, try soaking it in coconut oil overnight and washing it out the next morning.

If your hair is healthy, avoid over-processing it with too many dyes or chemicals, which can lead to damage and breakage. Practice good hygiene. You may want to avoid smelling like body odor in front of your crush, which could give him a negative impression of you. You don't have to be flowery, clean, and fresh all the time, just try to shower daily, wear deodorant and possibly put on some nice perfume or cologne to try to impress him.

Smelling nice or at least presentable, is actually pretty attractive. Be yourself. If you feel comfortable, you will protect your best self and people will feel comfortable around you. Also, if a guy is truly into you, he won't care about the small flaws in your appearance that you might see every time you look in the mirror.

Avoid airing your dirty laundry too soon. When someone is getting to know you, they have to have a chance to get to know your positive traits before they can embrace your negative traits. Don't talk down about yourself. You don't need someone else to save you. In order to attract someone else, you have to first be in a situation where you love yourself and you're happy with yourself.

Prioritize your own life. Sometimes it can be a mistake to always be available to someone else or always waiting by the phone. Instead, show that you have a little mystery and that you have your own interesting, fun life. That will make the other person feel special to have that time with you. Focus more on a person's profile than their photos if you're dating online. Sometimes when you're dating online, it can be easy to become very critical about looks. However, if you met that same person in real life, you might be very attracted to them.

From Cher Gopman. It is best to be yourself and embrace your own style but be sure to practice good hygiene so as not to put off your crush with bad odors or disheveled appearances.

Not Helpful 35 Helpful Find a way to introduce yourself, join a club or activity that he participates in, ask a classmate to introduce you two, or say hello to him if you bump into him somewhere. Not Helpful 81 Helpful If he's in a relationship, it's silly to even consider trying to attract him and break them up.

How cruel would that be, especially if they are in love? However, if you feel very, very strongly, you can tell him your feelings.

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The 12 Weird Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone You’ve Never Met

By Guest wuv, December 7, in soompi hangout. I am talking about a complete stranger, not a celebrity. There's this boy who lives on my street and I never noticed him until I started to walk my dog out and this became a routine.

Johnny Depp. Life is full of missed opportunities and regrets.

What should I do? But, you have been nice to him. You said maybe your niceness has encouraged him? There are probably other reasons, too.

I Told My Old Crushes I Used To Like Them & Here’s How They Reacted

This is it. This is big. That first moment you lock eyes with the mystery dreamboat across the room. You want to play it cool, obviously. You are Blue Steel cool. You are so chill, man. They walk past you and say hi. Details, shmetails. You have very little information to work on here, but trust your super sleuthing skills are about to shine bright like a diamond. Your detective skills came in handy, because now you know some of their interests and hobbies.

6 Things Everyone Should Know If They Have A Crush On Someone

I'm in the middle of my final year as a something, and one thing I'm feeling, aside from old, is this notion that I don't care about certain things I used to care a lot about. I cared about making sure life never felt stale, and no Friday or Saturday night was left open on my calendar. I cared about keeping my cool around my crushes. If I liked you, I was usually too shy, too proud, and too awkward to let you know.

If you're tired of longingly gazing at a crush who's barely aware of your existence, it might be time to take action to catch his eye.

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Dec 9, - The 12 Weird Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone You've Never Met Or maybe you don't exactly lock eyes as much as you stare, realize you're staring, and immediately go back to You've just never given it a solid chance, you know? Read this: 14 Signs Your Guy Friend Has A Crush On You.

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